Handle the entire customer journey efficiently from start to finish

The one platform that gives you access to a wide range of digital tools, which simplifies difficult and demanding processes when building loyal customers and ambassadors. Regardless of size or industry, you will handle the entire customer journey efficiently and easily, from start to finish.

Combine the features on demand.
Simply add new services as you need them

Customer journey

No integration required! Making your customers ambassadors who recommend you further is not easy without the right technology and expertise. With our platform, it is easy and fun to build loyal customers.
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Multimedia and SMS Communications

Send SMS messages in an easy way. If you have information that you need to quickly inform customers / members about, this is an ideal tool to use.
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Campaign pages

We build a campaign page for you that can be linked to both QR code and password. The campaign page can, if desired, contain a form that makes it easy for the customer to submit an inquiry or place an order.
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NPS & Surveys

What do your customers think about your brand or your products? Do you want to increase customer loyalty? NPS gives you valuable information on what improvements you can make.
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Mail and newsletter

The advantages of using ng//dialogue to send newsletters are that you have access to your own contact person who helps you when you need it. In addition, our system opens for two-way communication
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Data cleansing

Data cleaning is the process of correcting or removing inaccurate or non-uniform entries from the data set. Data cleaning is tricky and time-consuming
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Automatic campaigns

Once a customer journey is defined, we can set up campaigns that run automatically. This can, for example, be a member who signs up, who is then automatically sent a campaign to remain a customer.
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Your digital advisor

With us and the team, you do not have to think about anything. The only thing we need from you as a customer is a start-up meeting where you plan future activities and campaigns and set up a customer journey.
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Code Driven Customer Club

Turning customers into brand loyalists is not easy. You need a predictable and repeatable strategy for incentivizing customers to buy from you over again.
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DM – direct mail

You can send specific and local offers to predefined audiences. Based on demographics, geography or buying patterns.
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Do you have customer data but lack GDPR consent to communicate with them? We can help you collect this.
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This will generate leads and increase the number of members. The QR code is great to put on visible surfaces such as posters, or digital platforms such as social media.
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