Increase your business’s credibility and authority with newsletters

When you consistently deliver valuable, relevant information to your subscribers’ inboxes, you boost trust in your brand. Well-written, informative newsletters lead customers to believe in and rely on your company as a source of knowledge, products, and services.

Email / newsletter

It is easy to produce newsletters by using our platform. If you want us to do the work for you, you have the opportunity to do the same. The advantages of using NG Dialogue to send newsletters are that you have access to your own contact person who helps you when you need it. In addition, our system opens up for two-way communication.

To summarize first: Fortunately, email is steadily emerging in 2021 as an incredibly effective marketing channel. The benefits of email marketing are many. It is direct, personal, relevant and not

least action-driven. There are an incredible number of facts about sending out newsletters and why you as a company should definitely do it.

 But as a start

How does automation affect email marketing results?

If you have not implemented any form of automation of email campaigns yet, you should definitely do so in 2021. Why? It saves you time (precisely because a lot goes on automatically), and actually converts better! Here are some statistics on how automation helps email marketing.

On average, 51% of companies use automation in their marketing. Of those who do not use it yet, 58% plan to use it.

Of those who use automation, the benefits most mention are that they save time (30%), improve lead generation (22%) and provide higher sales (17%).

77% report higher conversion using automation.

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