SMS Mailings

The mobile gives an immediate response, and about 97% of all SMSs read within four minutes. In addition, there are very few who change mobile numbers.

SMS mailings

Through our platform, you can send SMS messages in an easy way. If you have information that you need to quickly inform customers / members about, this is an ideal tool to use.

Take Norway as an example, 99% of all Norwegians between the ages of 12 and 49 own a smartphone. Globally, over 7 billion people have a mobile phone, which makes the SMS channel an effective tool for communication. But it is still important to have a good strategy to increase sales.

Build trust- increase conversions

Today, mobile is used for much more than calling and sending messages. Many people read the news, take pictures, listen to music, or play games on their mobile phones. Many people also use it to both start the car and heat their home. That is why the mobile phone is very important for today’s consumers and most of your customers will therefore have it available if you send them an SMS.

And since the opening rate of SMS is 98%, this is an ideal channel you should use to create relevant conversations with your customers. It will build trust, which in turn can increase the customer’s purchasing decision. And with a link included in the message, you can get more conversions.

Relevance and personal.

Today’s consumers are bombarded with offers from all sides. Then it is no wonder that they have a need to compare the different offers they receive. Make sure you send out relevant content at the right time so that the customer gets engaged. This can lead to more sales.

Work closely with the project owner.

To get the most out of your campaigns, the marketing and sales department should work together. Make sure your salespeople receive the same newsletter as your customers. Then they can contact potential customers on the basis of the newsletter, and refer to the content and message there.

Strengthen relationships with SMS communication

Make sure SMS is part of your business’ marketing strategy. For example, it may be a good idea to send potential customers a message with relevant information after a first meeting or other contact. It will show credibility, knowledge and at the same time it can strengthen future relationships. It can also increase the conversion rate by 300%. Therefore, make sure that SMS becomes a natural part of your sales process.

Be clear

Most people use multiple channels to increase their conversions. The advantage of SMS is that you get the message directly to the recipient, and in a channel he / she reads. By sending an SMS, you show that you have important information that you want the person to receive directly. In order for the recipient to take advantage of the offer, you must ensure that the message is short and clear, and with an offer that is easy to use. Remember link


To succeed with SMS communication, the content, timing and number of SMS must be relevant to the customer. A relevant text message can make a potential customer decide to buy now or later – or never. SMS communication helps the sales department to sell more when used strategically for the sales process. Surveys show that as many as 75% want to receive an offer via SMS.

By using a flexible SMS tool, it can be your campaign that leads to more conversions.

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