How to convert with SMS sending?

There are more than seven billion people worldwide who have a mobile phone and in Norway most adults have a mobile. This makes SMS an excellent communication tube for marketing. You can reach almost anyone.
More and more companies are therefore opening their eyes to marketing via SMS. However, it is not always easy to know how to create converting SMS messages.

SMS is a particularly advantageous marketing method at the beginning of the customer journey, but can also be useful in other respects.

Here we will explain to you how you can convert customers with your SMS!

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Map the target group: Who is the recipient?
One of the first things you should do if you are going to convert with text messaging is to find out who you are communicating with. Remember that different customers will respond to different content.

Some like smileys and emotionally appealing, while other recipients prefer simple and concrete messages. Also pay attention to the age group you are communicating with. Young people tend to prefer a different language and content than older people.

It is also good to be aware of where the target group is. This way you can send out SMS with geographically relevant content.

Also pay attention to the company image. Is the company playful, serious or maybe something in between? This will be reflected in how you communicate with your customers.

  1. Ensure the correct timing
    Timing is also important. In order for an SMS not to be forgotten or ignored, it is a good idea to send it at a time when the recipient is free. Therefore, pay attention to both day and time before you start sending SMS.

It is also important to have the right timing based on where the recipient is in their customer journey. For example, it can be an advantage if the text message is received when the customer is looking for a specific product.

Be concise and capture the interest of the recipient
If you are going to convert with sms, you should also avoid including unnecessary information in the sms. Go straight to the point and capture the recipient’s interest immediately.

Research shows that you usually stop reading a text two lines into the text if it is not interesting enough. In many cases, it pays to keep the text as simple and accurate as possible. The first words are extra important, as these should capture the customer’s attention.

PS! Remember that modern mobile phones often preview the first two to four lines of the SMS. Therefore, make sure that these arouse the interest of the recipient.

Relevant and personal content
It is always an advantage if the content of the SMS is personalized and tailored to the individual recipient. When the SMS is perceived as relevant by the customer, the chance of conversion increases significantly.

A customer who has shown interest in a specific product can, for example, receive an SMS with discounts or information about the product in question.

  1. Have a clear and distinct CTA (Call to Action)
    In order for the company to be able to convert by text message, it is also important to remember what the purpose of the text message is. You want the recipient to perform an action, whether it is filling out a form, purchasing an item or downloading a printout.

A Call to Action or CTA is a button the customer can press, where the text is a prompt. For example, it could be “Get your free sample here!”, Or “Get a 50% discount here”. A CTA thus guides the customer in the right direction through the buying funnel.

A good CTA is absolutely necessary for successful SMS conversion.

  1. Radiate reliability and transparency
    Keep in mind that the content of the company’s text message will be decisive for how the recipient perceives the message and the brand. Most customers want to shop at companies that are reliable and transparent.

Therefore, emphasize that your company is transparent and reliable in the SMS. This can be done, for example, by giving the customer information on how he / she can sign up for the newsletter, or attach a link to the terms.

  1. Send text messages that strengthen customer relationships
    When you are going to convert customers with text messages, you should also radiate credibility. Therefore, the SMS must, among other things, be in line with the company’s marketing strategy, and at the same time be relevant to the customer.

For example, if the customer receives an SMS after the first customer meeting or registration on the website, this can help strengthen the customer relationship. The customer knows that you are there and that you can provide useful information when needed.

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Achieve 300% increased conversion with SMS
Through NG Dialogue’s platform, you can send SMS in a simpler and more efficient way. We believe that SMS is absolutely ingenious to use, especially when you need to inform customers quickly and efficiently.

We help you to succeed with conversion by sending SMS. Did you know that the conversion rate can potentially increase by 300% if you use SMS in your marketing?

Contact us today and get more information on how to achieve increased conversion with SMS sending!

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