How do you succeed with a customer club?

With a customer club, your company can achieve increased customer loyalty, which is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your customers as long as possible. The customer club can also increase the conversion rate if used correctly.

Acquiring new customers costs about five times as much as selling your products to existing customers. With a customer club, you can therefore save a lot of money in the long run.

But what exactly is a customer club, and how does it succeed? We will now take a closer look at this.

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What is a customer club?
A customer club can be described as a loyalty program, and is a tool that allows companies to discover and reward their loyal customers in a strategic way. The purpose of a customer club is simple and easy to strengthen the relationship between the company and the customers.

This can be achieved by ensuring that the company’s customers are as satisfied as possible, and that they choose to shop at the company time and time again.

Disadvantages of traditional customer clubs
A customer club can be so many, and not all approaches work as well.

There are some challenges related to traditional customer clubs, which include both costs and time consuming operations.

In many cases, you see that a customer club becomes a kind of channel for running campaigns and discounts on customers. The same offer is often marketed in several channels, whether it is on social media, in newspapers or in the customer club.

This can make your customers lose interest faster, or they can end their membership in the customer club.

A common “trap” is that the company is forced to hand out discounts and price offers to customers. However, it is possible to create trust with customers in other ways than through discounts. This will not only save money for the company, but can also bring more satisfied customers.

How to succeed in your corporate customer club
How to succeed with a customer club? A customer club should first and foremost build loyalty, and that is exactly what can be achieved with more than just discounts. What you should rather focus on is to create a more personal and tailored shopping experience for customers.

Let’s take a closer look at some smart tips to help you succeed with your customer club!

Tailor-made offers
If the company is to offer customers first, these should be tailored to the individual customer. For example, if a customer has purchased a size 40 blouse in your store, increased visibility of similar clothing of the same size may appeal to the customer.

You can also make sure to highlight products and accessories that belong to products the customer has already purchased. When customers register and shop on your website, there are many clues left that tell us who the customer is and what he / she is looking for.

You can of course send out identical offers to everyone in the customer club, but it is without a doubt more profitable with tailor-made club offers.

Tie ribbons with relevant content
To get loyal customers, it can be useful to offer more than just tailor-made offers. Content marketing is also popular and involves sharing interesting and relevant content with your customers.

For example, you can share useful guides, articles, and videos. This can help customers see your business as little more than just a store. Your company often also becomes a source of entertainment, knowledge or the like.

Follow the customers on the shopping trip
Another tip is to take into account where the different customers are in the purchase price. In this way, the dialogue you have with the customers can be adapted to the phase the customer is in.

A newly registered customer should, for example, receive other content via e-mail or text message than regular customers.

Overview: This is what your customer club should offer!
There are smart and innovative customer clubs. For example, we can tell you about NG Dialogue’s customer club. There is no need for integration here, and you can secure more loyal customers without having much technical expertise.

Through our platform, you can easily and quickly get more loyal customers, including through SMS. With our system, you can efficiently send out text messages to your customers.

You can create an SMS Short Code with us when you want to carry out a campaign. This code will be linked to a separate domain, so that customers see the company name as the sender.

Here are some of the things we can help you with if you want to increase customer loyalty in your business:

Communication via SMS
Newsletter and email
Direct communication at DM
Tailor-made customer journeys from lead to loyal customers
Automatic promotions such as birthdays, registrations and follow-ups

Create customer loyalty with your own customer club
NG Dialogue has the solutions you need to create increased customer loyalty and generate new customers. We both plan and develop digital campaigns for our customers, and have innovative technology that streamlines the customer journey from A to Z.

Among other things, we can help you implement loyalty programs via call messages. This way, you can create customer loyalty without having to discount your products at the lowest possible price.

Contact us today and start your own customer club on 1-2-3!

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