How to write a good newsletter?

Email marketing is an affordable and effective marketing method, and can both convert and engage customers if they are well written. But many find it difficult to write a good newsletter.
Here we will share some tips on how to write a good newsletter that contributes to increased customer loyalty and conversion rate!

1. Select Automatic Newsletter
Our first tip is to go for a solution that allows you to automate the sending of newsletters. This can save a huge amount of time, as the whole process happens automatically.

With automated newsletters, the email will be sent out to customers on time, and adapted to the individual customer’s phase in the purchase price. If this is done manually, you quickly lose track – especially if you have many customers.

2. Allow bidirectional communication
When customers receive emails from your company, there is a good chance that they want to ask questions about the products that are advertised. If the email cannot be answered, you could potentially miss important customers.

Newsletters with the possibility of two-way communication are therefore a must. In this way, marketing does not become a monologue, but rather a dialogue.

3. Set goals for the newsletter

In order for a newsletter to be the best it can be, it is wise to set a goal for your email marketing in advance. What exactly does your company want to achieve with the current newsletter? Also think about what action you want the customer to take after reading the newsletter.

Once you have the goal clear in front of you, it suddenly becomes much easier to write a meaningful newsletter that actually converts. You know what type of conversion points to include and what type of CTA buttons your email should contain.

The purpose of sending out a newsletter can be so many. Here are some common goals:

Increased sales
Increased traffic to different landing pages
Create knowledge about new services and products
Create increased engagement in social media or similar (eg with competitions)
Multiple downloads of a file
More registrations for video seminars or similar

4. Do not forget the subject field!
If you want to succeed with a newsletter, you should also remember to create a catchy subject field. The subject field of the e-mail is the first thing potential customers see when the e-mail appears in the inbox. If the topic is not interesting enough, yes, the customer will most likely not read the content of the email either.

If the course is to capture customers, it should be both personal and relevant. Feel free to use the customer’s name in the subject field, or invest in what the customer likes with products / services. At the same time, make sure you follow the GDPR rules when using customer information.

In order for the subject to be as relevant as possible, it should also be based on seasons and trends. What is relevant to the customer right now? It hardly pays to market Christmas decorations in July, or parasols in December.

It can also be good to arouse the customer’s curiosity in the subject area, and often create the impression that the range is limited and that it is important to take advantage of it. Here are our top tips for a successful newsletter:

  • Personal
  • Relevant
  • Currently
  • Stimulate curiosity
  • Avoid exclamation marks and capital letters (this may appear as spam)
  • Be concise (max 50 characters)

5. Write sales content for your newsletter in the newsletter
To write a good newsletter, you should also focus on making the content as relevant and selling as possible. For example, it may be worthwhile to take into account the customer’s age, buying habits, needs and challenges.

Remember that many customers are hungry for information. If you create newsletters of the type «How to do…» or «5 tips for…», it will often arouse the interest of customers.

At the same time, make sure that the content you send out via email is relevant to the products you want to sell. Feel free to present your product (or service) as the solution to the customer’s challenge.

6. Include customized discounts
Most customers appreciate getting discounts, especially if the discount is perceived as tailored and personal. Start with what your customers like and give them discounts that appeal to as many people as possible.

This can contribute to an increased conversion rate, as the customer finds the offer suitable and relevant.

7. Think about the design of the newsletter
If you are going to write a good newsletter, you should also pay attention to readability, mobile friendliness and the use of graphic elements such as images. All this helps to make the email as easy as possible for the recipient to interpret.

Remember that a large proportion of all users open newsletters via mobile devices. Therefore, make sure that the email is adapted even to small screens.

Get help to succeed with newsletters
NG Dialogue helps you send out newsletters that strengthen your company’s authority and credibility. Well-written newsletters build trust with customers and they will view your business as a source of both knowledge and good business.

We offer the tools you need to succeed with newsletters. Our system enables two-way communication and automatic sending of newsletters and you even get access to a separate contact person. We help you when you need it.

Contact us today for more information on newsletter solutions!

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