Time to clean – wash your contact list regularly!

Many companies have contact lists with both hundreds and thousands of customers. These are usually customers who receive newsletters and other campaigns via e-mail and they may have been on the list for many years.
But in order for you to succeed with email marketing, it is important to regularly clean up your email list. The contact list should be cleaned regularly, which does not have to be difficult or time consuming.

Here we will take a closer look at why you should wash your contact list regularly!

Why wash your business contact list regularly?
Removing contacts from your contact list can be beneficial if they do not respond to your email marketing for an extended period of time. For example, it may be a good idea to delete contacts that have not opened your company’s email in six months.

If the recipient has not opened the email in six months, yes, they will hardly do so in the future either. And there are several good reasons why you should clear your email list.

Better overview
One of the main reasons to wash your contact list regularly is that you get a nicer contact list with people who are actually potential customers.

There is no point in wasting time and effort on marketing to someone who in any case does not care about the products or services you sell.

By washing your contact list regularly, you can ensure that the newsletter tool you use becomes more reliable, and that you get a more realistic picture of who you are marketing to.

Avoid being labeled as spam
Another reason to wash your contact list regularly is that you reduce the chance that many users will mark your company’s return address as spam.

If you receive a certain number of complaints about spam, the company could potentially be shut down by the tool they use for newsletters. And this, of course, is not desirable.

You may want to send an email to all recipients and ask them to confirm that they want to receive newsletters and other emails from your company. This way, you can prevent users from marking your address as spam in the future.

Follow new GDPR requirements
Another important reason to clear your contact list is that you may have many users on your list who have not given their consent to receive newsletters.

Every Norwegian company should familiarize itself with the GDPR, so that the legislation is complied with to the letter. Failure to do so may result in a fine for the company.

We help you obtain consent from customers on the contact list, if you so wish. You may need to clear your contact list and delete these users.

How to wash the contact list?
There are smart tools that can help companies clear contact lists. Doing such a cleaning manually will take a long time and can be difficult. With smart tools, the job is done in 1-2-3.

In the newsletter tool, you can, among other things, choose automatic decontamination. This means that you can, among other things, choose to delete e-mail addresses that were registered before the GDPR came into force.

You can also send out emails to registered recipients on your contact list, allowing them to unsubscribe from the email list.

If you need to get active consent, you can create a new email list that users can choose to sign up for. Feel free to send a link to this page to the recipients on the old contact list. If they do not register, you can remove them from the contact list.

Important for successful email marketing
Many companies are actively involved in email marketing, and do not think that many on the contact list may be inactive. There is no point in spending time marketing to email addresses that do not work, or users who are not interested in newsletters.

By washing contact lists, you can ensure that a larger proportion of those who receive e-mail get involved in the content. Then you also get a more authentic picture of how effective your email marketing actually is.

Many people start with statistics from newsletter distribution when they map their marketing. Then at least the numbers should give a realistic picture of the situation.

Need help clearing your contact list?
All companies should wash their contact list regularly. Many of the recipients on your list are probably inactive or not interested in receiving emails. It is also possible that many of the email addresses are no longer used.

By cleaning your email list regularly, you can ensure that you reach potential customers – and not those who are still not interested in your products.

You can also reduce the risk of your company’s email address being flagged as spam, which can have unfortunate consequences. It is also important to clear the contact list with regard to the GDPR and the new privacy rules.

We at NG Dialogue have the tools you need, and can quickly and efficiently help you clear your contact lists. Contact us today and increase your chances of success with your email marketing!

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