How to increase the number of emails to your newsletter

Many companies are unsure of how to get more recipients for the newsletters they send out. You must obtain the consent of the recipients of the newsletter, which is part of the GDPR rules. It is therefore not legal to send newsletters to anyone.
Therefore, many people are wondering how to get potential customers to say yes to newsletters. The key to success is that potential recipients of newsletters should see a useful value in signing up for your contact list.

Here we show you how to increase the number of emails to your newsletter!

Create a registration form where the benefits are highlighted
If your company has its own website, there should be a newsletter subscription form there. And here it is important to be generous when it comes to temptations. Clarifies what potential recipients of newsletters can benefit from, without exaggerating.

In the registration form, you can, for example, tempt with unique discount codes, the possibility of pre-purchasing products or the like.

You are welcome to let the user tick off their areas of interest in the registration form, so that you can send out as many relevant offers as possible via e-mail.

Surveys show that as many as 60% will sign up for newsletters if it means they can access exclusive offers and discounts.

Have a newsletter form easily accessible
To increase the number of emails to your newsletter, it is also important that the subscription form for the newsletter is easy to see on your website – preferably in several places. In many cases, for example, you can receive a newsletter already at registration.

You can also have a subscription form for newsletters at the bottom of the company’s website, in page menus and via pop-ups.

Surveys have shown that registration forms via pop-up messages are by far the most effective way to convert website visitors into newsletter recipients.

Get recipients of the newsletter to recruit acquaintances
Another smart way to get more newsletter recipients is by rewarding existing recipients if they recommend the newsletter to others. The chance that someone signs up for the newsletter increases when the recommendation comes from someone they know.

In that case, you should send out newsletters that have a sharing function. In this way, all recipients can register via sharing via the registration form. This is important for the GDPR to be maintained.

Recommendations from real customers and ambassadors
Another tip for increasing the number of emails to your newsletter is to get happy newsletter recipients to give a written description of why they are so happy.

This can increase the chance that someone wants to subscribe to your newsletter, as real customer opinions are worth their weight in gold. You can also get help from influencers and ambassadors for your brand, if applicable.

Tempting with free, valuable content
Many consumers want to learn something new. If you sell sneakers, for example, you can have a guide on your website on how to keep your shoes white and stylish. If you sell parquet, you can make an explanatory video that shows how to lay floors.

This is content that can be placed on landing pages. When visitors come to download the content, you can also provide a form to subscribe to the newsletter. Feel free to let the person in question receive more useful content directly via e-mail.

Many savvy consumers will probably be attracted to this. However, make sure you do not automatically add anyone to your email list. This is no longer legal, after the GDPR came into force in 2018.

Send application form together with receipt by e-mail
If you have an online store and customers have shopped there, they usually receive an email with the order confirmation. Feel free to take advantage of this, and send a link to sign up for the newsletter.

Customers who have just shopped in your online store are often extra receptive to tempting offers. Feel free to tempt the person in question to get unique discounts on similar items when subscribing to newsletters.

Have a link to the registration form in the email signature
If you want to increase the number of emails to your newsletter, you should also consider having a link to the newsletter’s subscription form in your signature. When you send a regular e-mail to your customers, you can also link to the newsletter under your signature.

The link may have the text “Receive our very best offers directly in your inbox!”, Or similar.

Get help with your newsletters
Sending out newsletters is a very popular marketing method, and not least – effective. Most people check their email daily, so you can easily reach your potential customers.

In other words, it is desirable to have as many contacts as possible on the company’s email list. That way, you can reach as many people as possible. We have now taken a closer look at how you can increase the number of emails to your newsletter.

Among other things, you can attract visitors to the website with exclusive offers via the newsletter, or get existing recipients to recommend the newsletter further. The methods are many.

If you want help to succeed with a newsletter, NG Dialogue has the tools you need. Contact us for more information!

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