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Since 2012 we have successfully supported the automotive industry with customer experience.


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Automated customer journeys

The key to succeeding with customer experience is to have a personified customer journeys aligned with you brand.


With NG Dialogue, you can automate anything.

  • Service reminders & confirmations
  • Bookings
  • Events
  • Feedback
  • Offers & releases
  • Sales & leasing activities

Move from boring transactional emails & sms to engaging och converting conversations aligned with your brand identity

Get feedback that matters

With a powerful survey function, you can easeally ask for feedback along the way in the customer journey. After purchase, a visit, a service, 6 month. And many more.

Giving you realtime valuable insights in customer experience to evaluate and take action on for improving your business.

Bavaria's success in communicating via email and SMS according to their customer journey.

Bavaria is thriving to be at the forefront regarding customer experience and communications. With innovative solutions, optimize this to create an appreciated experience. With NG Dialogue, they succeed with this. With a technical framework, that is innovative and easy to use, NG supports Bavaria’s success in communicating via email and SMS according to their customer journey. We highly recommend other companies to bring on NG going forward.

Morten Dahle

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