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Explore a universe of survey possibilities, from understanding customer satisfaction to shaping marketing strategies and exploring employee engagement. With NG Survey, you’ll gain access to a versatile toolkit designed to help you uncover valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Segment you customer data:

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You own branding

Aligned with customers guidelines and profiles. This cultivated trust, enhanced brand recognition, and fostered satisfaction among respondents, creating a foundation for enduring customer relationships and propelling the business to new heights of success.

Single or multipage

Surveys as a one-pager or multi-page format including a duration calculation feature to estimate completion time. This flexibility ensures a seamless setup tailored to the survey’s scope and respondent engagement.

Adjustable dashboard

With a flexible dashboard setup, enabling an efficient reading and analysis of responses and data. Highlight key metrics and trends, facilitating quicker insights and informed decision-making. A hassle-free configuration, making the journey from data collection to actionable insights smooth and effective.


Anonymous response functionality ensures respondent privacy, encouraging candid feedback. This feature provides accurate, honest insights, fostering a secure environment for open communication, crucial for informed decision-making and building trust with the audience.

Customer Satisfaction Survey - CSAT

Uncover the subtle nuances of customer satisfaction through NG Customer Survey (CSAT). Employ visual elements such as facial expressions to gauge customer reactions, and receive an average score that reflects their contentment.Dive deep into customer interactions with our Comprehensive Customer Survey (CSAT pro), designed to capture detailed feedback. NG Survey guides you in creating tailored surveys that deliver comprehensive insights and actionable strategies.We and the customer evaluate what we need to investigate and suggest questionaries for a customer survey. We deliver a full report of answers, analyze what areas need to be improved, and recommend actions to be taken.

NPS Survey

Explore the depth of customer loyalty with NG Net Promoter Score Survey (NPS). Utilize insightful metrics such as likelihood to recommend to measure overall customer advocacy and satisfaction. Gain a precise NPS that encapsulates the willingness of customers to promote your brand to others. Dive deeper with our Advanced NPS Survey (NPS Pro), meticulously designed to capture nuanced feedback. NG Survey assists in crafting customized surveys that generate deep insights and actionable strategies. Together with the client, we identify key areas of interest and develop targeted questionnaires for the NPS survey. We provide a comprehensive report of the responses, analyze areas requiring enhancement, and propose informed actions to elevate customer loyalty.

Anonymous Survey

Navigate the intricacies of unbiased feedback with NG Anonymous Survey. This tool ensures complete confidentiality, encouraging genuine and unfiltered responses from participants. By shielding the identity of respondents, our survey garners honest and impactful insights. Engage deeper with our Enhanced Anonymous Survey (Anonymous Pro), expertly designed to delve into critical feedback while maintaining respondent anonymity. NG Survey supports you in devising anonymous surveys that not only respect privacy but also provide valuable, actionable insights. We collaborate closely with clients to pinpoint specific areas of interest and formulate discreet questionnaires. Upon survey completion, we deliver a detailed report of anonymous responses, analyze critical feedback, and suggest practical measures to address key findings.

Solution and Service Fit Surveys

Assess the alignment of your offerings with customer needs through the NG Solution and Service Fit Survey. This survey is crafted to evaluate how well your products or services meet the expectations and requirements of your clients. Obtain specific insights that reflect the effectiveness and relevance of your solutions in real-world applications. Expand your understanding with our Advanced Solution and Service Fit Survey (Fit Pro), designed to provide a deeper dive into customer satisfaction and solution suitability. NG Survey aids in creating customized surveys that uncover detailed feedback and strategic directions. We work together with our clients to determine the focal points of the survey and design precise questionnaires tailored to those needs. A comprehensive report of the findings is provided, analyzing how closely your offerings match customer expectations and recommending actions to enhance solution and service alignment.

Market and Product Fit Surveys

Evaluate the resonance of your product in the marketplace with NG Market and Product Fit Survey. This tool is designed to measure how well your product satisfies market demands and consumer expectations. Gain valuable insights into market trends and consumer preferences that influence product success. Advance your analysis with our Market and Product Fit Survey Pro, specially designed to offer in-depth assessments of product viability and market trends. NG Survey helps in constructing targeted surveys that provide strategic insights and actionable feedback. We collaborate with clients to identify critical aspects of product and market interaction, crafting specific questionnaires that yield focused data. We deliver a thorough report of survey results, analyze the degree of market and product alignment, and recommend tailored strategies to enhance market fit and product positioning.

Unlocking Business Potential with Targeted Insights

In a market driven by shifting consumer preferences, navigating the business landscape based on mere assumptions was challenging for our clients. However, the introduction of NG’s survey tool significantly changed the situation. This story illustrates how moving from uncertainty to a targeted approach, supported by concrete data from our surveys, not only stabilized but also led to significant growth. By understanding the actual opinions and needs of customers, our client was able to make smarter decisions that moved them from challenging times to notable success.

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