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Connect effortlessly with various platforms to enhance sendouts, refine segmentation, and streamline multi-channel engagements, be it via email, SMS, or postcards. Utilize intuitive automation to trigger actions, optimize engagements, and delve into insightful analytics. With every integration, unlock a new horizon of connectivity, making every interaction count.

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ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, PIM, DMS, EDI,
ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, PIM, DMS, EDI,


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In the contemporary business landscape, customer engagement is not just about answering queries. It’s about delivering a personalized, seamless experience across various touchpoints – SMS, email, postcards, and more. The essence of enhancing this multi-channel communication lies in smart integration with NG. By automating customer communication and journeys, businesses can foster stronger relationships, garner invaluable feedback, and drive a higher level of customer satisfaction.

SMS Communication:

Integrating with NG allows for automated, real-time SMS notifications and responses. Whether it’s appointment reminders, promotional offers, or real-time updates, automation ensures timely and personalized SMS communication

Email Engagement:

Email remains a crucial channel for customer communication. Through integration, businesses can automate personalized email campaigns, follow-ups, and newsletters. NG enable smart segmentation and automated triggers based on customer behavior, ensuring relevant and engaging email communication.

Postcard Outreach

In a digital world, postcards offer a tangible touchpoint. The integration enables the automation of postcard dispatch based on specific customer triggers, ensuring personalized and memorable customer interaction.Defining and Enhancing Customer JourneysIntegration with NG facilitates a well-defined, automated customer journey. From the moment a customer interacts with a brand, every touchpoint can be mapped and personalized:

Journey Mapping:

By integrating various data sources, businesses can create accurate customer journey maps. This helps in understanding and predicting the paths that customers take from awareness to conversion and beyond.Automated Surveys and Feedback Collection:

Responsive Actions:

Based on the feedback received, automated workflows can trigger responsive actions. For instance, if a customer expresses dissatisfaction, an automated alert can prompt a customer service representative to reach out and address the concern.

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Our robust platform comes with comprehensive API documentation, an open API, and Swagger documentation, making integration seamless and straightforward. Embedding NG into your ecosystem not only enhances your communication channels but also empowers you with a suite of cutting-edge tools and insightful analytics.

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