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A fresh breeze in a digital era

Dive into a unique blend of traditional postcards and digital communications. Our platform marries the tactile charm of postcards with insightful analytics and automation, enriching your digital customer journey. With each sendout, create lasting impressions and build enduring connections. Experience a fresh breeze of engagement in this digital era.

Traditionally, untraditionally.

Tangible Engagement

Postcards provide a physical touch in a digital world, creating a memorable brand interaction that resonates with recipients, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Utilize modern printing technology to tailor each postcard to the recipient, mirroring the personalization of digital channels, and making each customer feel uniquely valued.


Achieve high-impact visibility among your target audience at a lower cost compared to many other marketing channels, ensuring a cost-effective yet impactful outreach.


Incorporate tracking mechanisms like QR codes or URLs to measure the effectiveness of your postcard campaigns, providing valuable insights for optimizing future omnichannel strategies.

Postcard Power: Optimize your omnichannel outreach

In an era where digital channels dominate the marketing landscape, the power of a tangible connection is often overlooked. However, integrating physical touchpoints like postcards into your omnichannel strategy can significantly enhance customer engagement and brand recall. The headline "Postcard Power: Optimize Your Omnichannel Outreach" encapsulates the essence of merging the traditional with the modern to create a more enriched and impactful customer journey.

Here’s how postcards can be a game-changer in your omnichannel outreach:

Creating Memorable Impressions - Postcards offer a tangible interaction, providing a sensory experience that enhances brand recall.

Personalization at its Best - Modern printing allows for personalized postcards, making each recipient feel valued and understood.

Enhanced Customer Engagement - Well-designed postcards with QR codes or PURLs can drive website visits, event attendance, or in-store purchases, enriching the omnichannel experience.

Cost-Effective Campaigns - Postcards are an economical way to reach a wide audience, offering high engagement at a lower cost.

Measurable Impact - Tracking mechanisms like QR codes or PURLs help measure campaign effectiveness, optimizing future omnichannel outreach.

Strengthening Brand Loyalty - The personal touch of postcards, integrated within a digital journey, enhances brand loyalty by valuing customer relationships beyond digital interactions.

Versatile Integration - Easily integrate postcards into any customer journey stage, making them a versatile tool for enhancing omnichannel campaigns.

Incorporating postcards into your omnichannel strategy is about more than just adding a new channel into the mix. It’s about creating a more holistic, engaging, and memorable customer experience. The power of postcards in enhancing the digital journey is immense, and with the right strategy, they can significantly optimize your omnichannel outreach.
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Altibox's postcard strategy in customer engagement

Merging traditional and digital, Altibox ingeniously incorporated postcards into their customer communication strategy. This tactile approach sets Altibox apart in a crowded digital market, boosting customer engagement significantly. By sending personalized postcards as follow-ups or thank-you gestures, Altibox creates memorable touchpoints, fostering deeper connections and enriching the customer journey. This innovative strategy has optimized their outreach and elevated the customer experience, showcasing the enduring power of a personal touch in a digital age.
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